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Hospitality complex in the Pažaislis monastery

About hospitality complex

Hospitality Complex “Monte Pacis”  is a four – star hotel and restaurant, founded in Pažaislis monastery ensemble. It is a historic guest house built in the XVII century by GDL Chancellor Kristupas Zigmantas Pacas for guests, travelers and himself. He called  it “Monte Pacis” – Mountain of peace.

Mature Baroque architecture, the monastery grandeur and mystery, history reflected in the interior, works of art, Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park Peninsula beauty, a modern interpretation of cuisine by a professional chef Raimundas Dambrauskas, locally grown vegetables and berries, wine from European monasteries, pleasant hospitality complex staff – all this create unique relaxation and memories for guests.

Hospitality complex “Monte Pacis” is carefully preserving the history and cultural heritage. It has a small, stylish, themed four-star hotel, winning best Lithuanian tourism project award in 2014. Kaunas Lagoon beach is only 300 meters away, downtown – 7 km, main highway – 7 km.
Equipped with 13 (on the first floor the two royal suites, four suites, on the second – seven standard) rooms, which, making use of all hotel beds, can simultaneously accommodate 46 guests.
All rooms are named after historical personalities who lived here or have used the hospitality complex. The hotel’s residents have access to the complex historical literature library and spiritual literature room.



Since the XVII century these houses were occupied by the Grand Duchy noblemen, townsfolk, artists, ministers. A large fireplace baked breads, prepared venison, cooked herbal infusions. Wine aged in the cellar. Daily meals and festive dishes were being prepared. These houses have been here as a working monastery, hosted the daily life, visitors and travelers were an uproar, and the music, theater performances, dances were being held.
Today “Monte Pacis” kitchen is ruled by Raimundas Dambrauskas – discreet, subtle and clean aesthetics fan. His prepared meals are a blend of classics and modern technology. „Moderate distance from congested city center, the beautiful natural surroundings, the historic building, the advanced equipment and technology-equipped kitchen, local garden – it is a place fit to set up the world’s best restaurants. In Pažaislis case – it is not only maintained in the historic building, but also a unique combination – a modern service in centuries old functioning monastery „- with passion and creative flair language chef invites you to enjoy his work.
During the cold season, the restaurant offers two ballrooms:
the first floor Restaurant and Clara Isabel hall on the second floor.
During the warm season there opens:
a Carriage square and romantic Linden Alley.
Galas can be held in spacious first floor baroque Founder hall decorated with frescoes and extremely valuable original paintings by M. A. Palonis. It serves private and official events, conferences and celebrations.