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Hospitality complex in the Pažaislis monastery

Charity events

Hospitality Complex “Monte Pacis”⋆⋆⋆⋆

and Charity  Foundation Beautiful Heart

collaborated for noble purpose –

to help and to share kindness

In year 2017 3  charity events were held in hospitality complex “Monte Pacis”⋆⋆⋆⋆


First event

AL FRESCO under the blooming Pažaislis linden trees

Hospitality complex “Monte Pacis” and BEAUTIFUL HEART Foundation organized a charity evening – Al fresco under the blooming Pažaislis linden trees. All current payments were intended for the outdoor playground of Vilijampolė Social Care House (Apuolė Children’s Center). Thanks to the goodness of non-indifferent people, the meadow has blossomed, and children can enjoy children’s pleasures – swings, bicycles, scooters. During the event, in the “Monte Pacis”, exclusively for this afternoon the charismatic designer Audronė Bunikienė presented the latest summer collection “La dolce vita”, chef Raimundas Dambrauskas delivered a special three – course dinner, and the opera performers donated by the support fund “Orpheus Lyra” sang their arias.


Second event

“Velvet Five- o -Clock”

The charity event “Velvet Five- o -Clock” – to help the talents of the Kaunas Sacred Music School. “Velvet Five- o -Clock ” was a beautiful tradition in Kaunas during the interwar period when ladies gathered to discuss the goals of charity, which we are aiming to revive.

During the event, designer Viktorija Jakučinskaitė (Fashion House Tulio Fėja) presented a special collection inspired by the Mediterranean colors, created exclusively for this event. The Factory by Dana Rybas introduced a collection of exclusive diamonds brought to Lithuania, showing models, wearing ADRIKA Fashion House dresses. During the event, students from Kaunas Sacred Music School performed. The guests were pampered with specially tailored three – course dinner from “Monte Pacis” chef Raimundas Dambrauskas and champagne from the JK Drinks House.


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Third event

“Haute Couture of Kindness. Kaunas. 2017”

In the Christmas Gala event “Haute Couture of Kindness. Kaunas. 2017”, funds were collected for providing lunch for children with difficult childhood, who visit Kaunas children’s day care centers. The initiator of the event – the founder of the BEAUTIFUL HEART Foundation Jolanta Sadauskiene and the head of the Hospitality complex “Monte Pacis” Indra Ramanauskienė has calculated that one guest, during this charity event, will give one child a hot meal throughout the month once a day. There are 18 children’s day care centers in Kaunas, where more than 500 children form social risks, low – income and other struggling families attend. They prepare homework at the centers, work out in groups, attend events with supervisors. It is sad, but some of the children only eat hot food once a day, in the centers. However, not all centers have facilities and opportunities for cooking or reheating food. Therefore, the day care centers of Kaunas city have a chance to feed these children once a day in dining establishments that would be in close proximity to the centers. Evening guests not only donated, but were pampered by an exclusive program.
On “Haute Couture of Kindness. Kaunas. 2017” event, the famous Lithuanian fashion world personality – Nijolė Veličkienė – presented the latest collection. Her “Laboratory for Fur Modernization” introduced the trends and challenged stereotypes of 2017-2018 fur wearing tendencies with “Fur without seasons” collection. During the evening, guests enjoyed delicious dishes by the chef Rokas Vasiliaskas, at “Monte Pacis” restaurant. Ieva Zasimauskaitė – Kiltinavičienė performed for the audience.