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Hospitality complex in the Pažaislis monastery



Unique opportunity to enjoy a modern restaurant pleasures in the XVII century historic monastery ensemble

„Monte Pacis“ restaurant, established in the guest house of Pažaislis monastery, which Funder K.Z.Pacas built in XVII c. for himself, his guests and travellers.

The monastery‘ serenity, the life of the Lithuania‘s Grand Duchy noblemen, the uproar of the guests, the best food and wine – all this reflects the life in the XVII c.

Today, in the XXI c., we reflect the same atmosphere: the majestic history, spiritual neighbourhood and special spirit complimenting with our warm hospitality and respect for you.

We believe, that food is one of the best ways to show care, and the table is one of the sacred places to gather around.

Gastronomic noble baroque cuisine – reflected and focused on history and traditions, nature and seasonality, modern globality and contemporary.

Colourful and rich flavoured À la Carte menu, where classic recipes are combined with modern Oriental expression and the best local and imported products compete for top quality status. 


“Monte Pacis” professional sommelier 

  • Officially BEST WINE LIST in Lithuania
  • Wines from the vineyards of monasteries across the Europe
  • Great selection of quality wines
  • Natural teas from local herbs
  • Bitters and infusions, prepared according to authentic recipes


The separate restaurant spaces create different atmospheres: 

  • Restaurant Hall
  • Festive Founders’ Hall
  • Elegant Claire Isabell Hall
  • Sunny Chariot Terrace
  • Romantic Linden Alley