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Hospitality complex in the Pažaislis monastery


Pažaislis Monastery arose great respect to the founder of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Chancellor K.Z.Pacas. Foundations and patrimony have supported the monastery for more than 300 years, it is also relevant today: voluntary unselfish activities of a person, organization or community, financial or other resources, their own experience, knowledge and time a proud unique object in Lithuania.

Preserving the history, the monuments of the Cemetery, the “Monte Pacis” Hospital, established in the Pažaislis Monastery, together with the monastic and caring St. Casimir monastery sisters, organizes a long – term cycle of free events:

The cycle of live History in Pažaislis. Hortus Conlusus

The Chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Kristupas Zigmantas Pacas, the founder of the Pažaislis Monastery, was looking for a cover and peace in remote Nemunas valley. This is illustrated by Paco’s own words about unbeatable rest in Pažaislis. 1679 He wrote to an unknown addressee in autumn: “From Warsaw to the GDR, to my usual place of residence, “Monte Pacis”, I arrived on September 12, saving my health and wallet, here, though not timely, I took care of my health.” Pažaislis appears as a baroque arcade to Pacas – the place where the imitation of peace, separation from the world, or even a kind of paradise on earth – Hortus Conclusus – is created. “(Mindaugas Paknys, History of the construction and decorating of the Pažaislis monastery, monograph of science, Vilnius, 2013)

On “Monte Pacis”, a pre-selected and publicly announced day, a free lecture – meeting – chat – conversation with the clergy, scientists, writers and other professionals and talents is being held.