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 Steaks (R) evolution or Dinner, which do not need to chew

According to history, in the ancient Rome, large pieces of meat, roast with fire, sacrificed to the gods. The Great Britain is known as second steak homeland, where 1460 years write “Beefsteak” recipes. Today the world is looking GURMĖ and the exceptional quality of meat dishes offered by experience – tenderness, succulence, smell.

Male restaurant “Monte Pacis” team admits that the preparation of the dinner – not only responsible, but also very enjoyable work. “With high-quality meat, the most important thing is to highlight its natural qualities,” says chef Raimundas Dambrauskas and invites you to enjoy three exclusive types of beef dishes.

With hazelnuts and coffee beans matured Austrian Alps Simmental beef has a special delicacy and tenderness. Premium grain-fed Black Angus from US certified farms steers meat durable, but also very soft texture. Marble Australian Wagyu beef, is particularly rich in fatty layers of abundance, which ensures extremely tender and juicy meat taste.

The natural taste, aroma, juiciness, a high concentration of omega acids, and, of course, great pleasure. The dinner, which, as a joke Australians, do not chew, because the meat itself melts in your mouth…

4 dishes dinner price for a person – from 85 Eur


A good steak without wine – neither evolution than revolution

Exceptional quality and exceptional dish requires satellite, for example – wine. Therefore, we recommend these two elements together. Wine and beef combination – is a separate field of science in which the theoretical knowledge sommelier it is not so important than to many years of experience working shoulder to shoulder with our chef. Different types of beef, require a different wine – be it in the equation x discovering the perfect combination. Then y – different spices, marinades and sauces, and z – a method of cooking. Only a proper understanding of the characteristics of these unknowns can be solved by the perfect taste of the equation.

4 types of wine tasting price for a person – from 35 Eur