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Hospitality complex in the Pažaislis monastery

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Themed tasting menu


Modern Lithuanian Cuisine

In 2017 world food trends is dominated by traditions and trust in local farms and contemporary modernize archaic food preparation methods. Lithuania is no exception. We can be proud of not only the different seasons of fresh products, forest goods, fast increasing cheese, meat and fish farms, but also from generation to generation transmitted marinating, conservation, tanning recipes, creative use of wild plants. And modernity is understood as the product quality, freshness highlighting, giving an unusual shape, texture, aroma or the same presentation.

MONTE PACIS head chef Rokas Vasiliauskas is using classic Lithuanian kitchen products on the basis for interpretation of historical Pažaislis monastery founders of the GDL nobility recipes or religious recipes and ingredients, which gives to meals the modernism notes. Seasonally courses are made using the newest technologies and served in modern tableware using modern show elements.

“I hope that this tasting menu satiate, not burden pleasantly surprised and will result in a delicious childhood food memories,” says head chef Rokas Vasiliauskas and invites You to a six courses tasting of modern Lithuanian cuisine.

6 course dinner price for a person – from 45 Eur


An authentic Lithuanian berry and fruit wines

Authenticity and originality is fashionable in the world of drinks. Such as Lithuania, where recently the fruit and berry wine derisively called “wine drink” or “fruit wine drink”, today it is produced more and more successful and professionally, certified berries and fruit wine, which foreign visitors not only gladly tasting, but also acquired for fairing. Many of Lithuanian does not know about the quality of our time the local wine. For this reason, we invite to combine the modern Lithuanian cuisine with Lithuanian winemakers made from own grown and carefully selected raspberries, currants, gooseberry and other berries and fruit wines, which perfectly reveal our climate, characterized by the best berry properties, as winemakers saying – this is the best for us, for northerners.

6 types of wine tasting price for a person – From 25 eur


French paradox

France with their delicatessen and ability to enjoy with it, fascinates all over the world. “What creates a new dish, serving for humanity more than a scientist, who finds a new planet” – in the nineteenth century in his classic work “Physiology of Taste” wrote Frenchman Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. “To be able to eat – in the twentieth century it claimed the famous French chef Auguste Escoffier, – it means to know how to live.” When the French are eating in restaurants, they enjoying with it, because they know that this is the most appreciated by today and probably will never be again in the same menu. Every meal they consider like a very special so the same You also need to learn – “Twenty-first century writes Mireille Giuliano, author of “Eating pleasure secrets”.

MONTE PACIS chef of restaurant Rokas Vasiliauskas and creative team will prepare for You a modern interpretation of classic French cuisine, based not only on the season goodies, but also to your individual preferences.

How French joking about themselves: have breakfast as beggars, dine like a prince and dinner like a king … So we invite You to enjoy royally Haute Couture six-course tasting dinner.

6-course dinner price for a person – from 45 Eur


What is hidden in a French wine label?

The glory and diversity of French wine is good as the country’s gastronomic treasures.  Maybe even on the contrary – France deservedly known as the best wine producer, traditions homemaker. The real Cahor, biodynamic champagne, elegant Burgundy, mature Bordeaux – in MONTE PACIS wine cellar are more than 200 titles (and about a third of them – made in France), so sommelier will be happy to adjust the wine with dishes and having regard to your individual preferences.

6 classic types of wine tasting price for a person – 25 Eur 6 collectible wines tasting price for a person – from 35 Eur



With this cooking philosophy (fusion – eng. blending) technique, where one dish is combined with very different not only flavors or products but also countries: Spanish Chorizo sausages with Siberian Manta, Belgian favorite mussels with four a cheese sauce, snatched from Italy. Perhaps Lithuanian carp, prepared with Peru raw fish technology or Lithuanian mushrooms with old-fashioned Japanese sauce… And so endlessly – in six-dishes degustation dinner.

 6 dishes degustation price for a person – 45 Eur


The fashion of wine

The organic, bio-dynamic winemaker – what is it? The gastronomic trends, ecology, or fashionable winemaking tricks? In fact – when You first heard about biodynamic winemaker You may think that winemakers practiced witchcraft – shedding powder and observing the moon at the same time… In reality, biodynamic wine produced according to the same standards as organic, but here is some additional rules. For example, vines treated with nettle and chamomile tea, works are organized in accordance with the lunar calendar.


6 types of wine degustation price for a person – 25 Eur


 Steaks (R) evolution or Dinner, which do not need to chew

According to history, in the ancient Rome, large pieces of meat, roast with fire, sacrificed to the gods. The Great Britain is known as second steak homeland, where 1460 years write “Beefsteak” recipes. Today the world is looking GURMĖ and the exceptional quality of meat dishes offered by experience – tenderness, succulence, smell.

Male restaurant Monte Pacis team admits that the preparation of the dinner – not only responsible, but also very enjoyable work. “With high-quality meat, the most important thing is to highlight its natural qualities,” says chef Rokas Vasiliauskas and invites you to enjoy three exclusive types of beef dishes.

With hazelnuts and coffee beans matured Austrian Alps Simmental beef has a special delicacy and tenderness. Premium grain-fed Black Angus from US certified farms steers meat durable, but also very soft texture. Marble Australian Wagyu beef, is particularly rich in fatty layers of abundance, which ensures extremely tender and juicy meat taste.

The natural taste, aroma, juiciness, a high concentration of omega acids, and, of course, great pleasure. The dinner, which, as a joke Australians, do not chew, because the meat itself melts in your mouth…

4 dishes dinner price for a person – from 85 Eur


A good steak without wine – neither evolution than revolution

Exceptional quality and exceptional dish requires satellite, for example – wine. Therefore, we recommend these two elements together. Wine and beef combination – is a separate field of science in which the theoretical knowledge sommelier it is not so important than to many years of experience working shoulder to shoulder with our chef. Different types of beef, require a different wine – be it in the equation x discovering the perfect combination. Then y – different spices, marinades and sauces, and z – a method of cooking. Only a proper understanding of the characteristics of these unknowns can be solved by the perfect taste of the equation.

4 types of wine tasting price for a person – from 35 Eur