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Hospitality Complex in Pažaislis Monastery

Special Offers



Modern hospitality in the historic Pažaislis Convent of the XVII century


Accommodation in the historical apartments of the Founders;

Tasting dinner for two at MONTE PACIS restaurant;

Wellcome wine;

Private tour “Historical journey”;

Afternoon tea party;

Personal breakfast;

Early arrival and late check-out;

Historical Pažaislis library;

Free parking;

The offer is valid for two;

The offer is valid seven days a week until 30 April 2017.

Price – 185 Eur

The convent ensemble in the historic heritage building hosts a high-class, four-star MONTE PACIS hotel offering sophisticated hospitality service, equipped with the latest technology, and boasting the best restaurant in Kaunas – all of this in a several centuries old building, enshrined by special aura and energy. Staying close to the convent life, seeing or touching its everyday life and history, enjoying the opportunity of feeling the pulse of nature and serenity – it is your chance of not only physical but also spiritual relaxation and even enrichment…




The Head Chef of our restaurant Rokas Vasiliauskas not only leads his team in the kitchen, looks after restaurant’s garden, buys the products in a market himself, but also constantly tries something new, thus new dishes and variations are created everyday which could be tasted only today.

If You trust the professionals, love quality and different food, we recommend you to try a tasting menu of today.

Three courses– 26 €

Four courses– 30 €

Six courses– 36 €

The flavour of today‘s menu can be enhanced and accentuated by wine tasting selection created by our professional sommeliers.

Classic/prestige wine tasting selection of 3 – 13/16 €

Classic/ prestige wine tasting selection of 4 – 15/19 €

Classic/ prestige wine tasting selection of 6  – 19/26 €


Wine is a social beverage, best appreciated with friends and family. It makes dinner more civilized. It slows us down a little, gives us something special to add to the moment.

HARVEY STEIMAN, Wine Spectator’s