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Hospitality complex in the Pažaislis monastery


The restaurant’s chef Rokas Vasiliauskas combines historical secret recipes, fresh products from the restaurant’s own garden and local organic farms, modern technology into a unique opportunity to enjoy a modern restaurant pleasures in the seventeenth century historic monastery ensemble.

Every day, fresh baked bread is served, and meals are prepared for:

  • breakfast,
  • dinner,
  • A la Carte menu,
  • 3 and 9 dishes menus for degustations.

There are often held various degustations, gastronomic festivals.

MONTE PACIS is famous for its professional sommelier team, which consists of a daily wine tasting menu and prepares wine degustations.

  • One of the largest wine lists in Lithuania,
  • Wines from the vineyards of monasteries across the Europe,
  • Great selection of quality wines ,
  • Natural teas from local herbs,
  • Bitters and infusions, prepared according to authentic recipes.

The separate restaurant spaces create different atmospheres: 

  • Festive Foundator Hall,
  • Elegant Claire Isabell Hall,
  • Sunny Chariot Terrace
  • Romantic Linden Alley.